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Search Engine Marketing
Practical Benefits for Law Firms

Just building a great website doesn't draw in new clients – how do potential clients find it? Search Engine Marketing, or the abbreviated term SEM, focuses on attracting new clients through the Internet. How do potential clients know your law practice's new website exists? There are many Law Firms advertised on the Internet, but what makes you different from them? Why are they successful and seeing more referrals from their website than your practice?

Search Engine Marketing is the Answer

What type of campaign do you want to use to market your website? Natural rankings? Pay-per-click? Article submissions? Link exchanges? There are many choices on how to approach SEM for your online presence. Attracting new clients and presenting your firm in the best possible light should be the main goals of any SEM campaign.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization. This is part of an SEM campaign and addresses the content of a website. For example, keywords and key phrases may be used a certain number of times and placed in specific areas throughout the text of the site, so the search engine crawlers can index these words. Besides the content on the webpages, there are also META tags, titles and other "technicalities," which can also present the keywords and phrases to the search engines. All of the above should be part of a successful SEO plan.

Search Engines

When a person is searching the Internet, they use a Search Engine like Google or Yahoo. They may type in the words "Law Firm Springfield NJ," hit enter, and the results appear. The first 10 Law websites are the ones getting the most traffic. Their marketing company is making sure they are ranked high so potential clients don't go elsewhere.

Potential clients do not spend more than 5 seconds initially reviewing a website. It should be no surprise that the law firms listed on the first page of results are bringing in the most clients.

The Internet is no different than advertising in other media. The more potential clients recognize your Law Firm, the more they are apt to click on your listing in a time of need. Photographers have a saying that summarizes how to get the pictures that pay the bills: "f/8 and be there." Technique is part of it, being at the right place at the right time is the other, perhaps more important, part of it.

Link Exchanges

Besides the top rankings in the search engines, a strong SEM campaign should also use link exchanges with other websites. For example, your Law Firm specializes in auto accident cases, the SEM campaign can approach a few of the top ranked auto websites and ask if they would like to exchange links to your website. This can be done through a general link, a banner, or an article written with text links to your website. Local community directories are also a valuable resource to link to your site. Done correctly, a link exchange campaign can help rank your website in the top 10 in the search engines.

SEO and SEM work together when marketing your Law Firm website. A website is a good tool for advertising your services and expertise, but just like print campaigns, online campaigns have to be well planned and executed. For more information about our SEM services, please fill out the form below and one of our Marketing specialists will contact you.



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