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Lori Herz

Lori Herz is a lawyer and freelance business writer based in New York. A 1991 graduate of Fordham Law School, for over a decade, she honed her research and writing skills through a federal clerkship, criminal and civil appellate practice and work in nonprofit governance. In 2003-4, Lori transitioned to the online writing market when she co-created and launched legal sanity, a popular blog [Web log] on optimizing life in the law.

Her blog work showcases Lori's strong passion and talent for clearly and succinctly organizing, synthesizing and communicating ideas and information from diverse sources. Under her guidance as lead researcher and writer, legal sanity has gained a wide audience and visibility that has grown with its recent inclusion in the law.com network's Legal Blog Watch.

Lori's career focus and experience have given her an in-depth understanding of today's business landscape and the enormous value of adept educational-promotional writing. Marrying this knowledge with her wordsmith skills, she has ghostwritten articles for trade publications, written newsletter and marketing copy, and created content for training and development programs.

Through her freelance business writing venture, Lori helps busy professionals stand out in the competitive marketplace by producing high-quality, clear and concise written work that: showcases their expertise; engages and educates their prospects, clients and employees; builds their reputation and visibility; and fosters ease, success and satisfaction in their work life and beyond.

Lori's writing includes:



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